Wrapping Up 2011 Readathon [Update 2]

The main goal for me was to read 3 Galleys, and so far I have:
*Graffiti Moon

and I'm already halfway through Impulse [which is an extra]
One more to go and the main goal is finished.
But then there's the moment when for some idiotic reason I decide to take a trip through Netgalley and request this:
*Life Is But A Dream
*Under The Never Sky
*Catching Jordan
*Still Waters

The ackward moment when you swear to buy no more books and so you go mad and request every Galley you want. Got approved, so, yay? 

and then I thought to add them to this readathon and I'm like:

I need to learn self control. Pronto.

Oh and Merry Christmas to everyone :D! hope you enjoyed the weekend!
and Happy New Year [upcoming] :3

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